"Changing the world one taco at a time"

East Village:
199 East 3rd St (btwn A&B)
Lower East Side: 164 Orchard St (at Stanton)
Wmsburg: 155 South 4th St (btwn Bedford & Driggs)

Hours: Late nite – till 4am weekends


Hello my name is Snack Dragon. My Job is to make you the best damn tacos this side of the Mexican border! Our taco research laboratory is dedicated to bringing you made-fresh daily food – with late night hours! Everything is jam packed with flavor and freshness. In Mexico ‘Authentic’ means what’s available and that’s what we do: take advantage of the abundance of New York City. Our Carne asada, for example, is marinated in a citrus chipotle sauce before it is chopped to order for your taco which is served on a blue corn tortilla. We recently introduced our new Thai-inspired Umami Taco – pork slowly braised in tamarind sauce, 5 spice powder, coriander and garlic. if there is something on the menu you haven’t tried yet take a chance. Money back guarantee! Each item is designed to maximize on deliciousness.
With love,

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Praise for Snack Dragon Taco Shack:

Dear lord of many faces, Please send all of your angels,
of all sorts, to protect this fine place from hurricanes, fires, bankruptcy, asshole drunk people who don't know what a good thing is, and tourists who may discover it. If there is a better way to spend loose dollar bills, it cannot be anything other than a scam. This is the best place ever.  For food, that is. Tacos. I love you, snack dragon.
- Chris B

Snack Dragon is like a party in your mouth.
The tacos are unreal!
- Zachary P

Snack dragons Johnny Boys make me want to marry it.
Hot damn! The staff is super super nice and everything
is so well put together.
- Megan H

Whatever the f@#$ i ate was HEAVEN.
and i don't even believe in heaven!
- Christine M

Wow. Unbelievable. Such high quality food for so so cheap!!! This place is my heaven.
- Dreama W




Carne Asada – The Taco that put us on the map. Steak marinated
in our chipotle-citrus marinade. Chopped to order …$5

Pollo Verde – Grilled Chicken cooked in herbs, spices – sour cream
and scallions …$4

Grilled Sole – Ranks with the best! Topped w/ Chipotle Coleslaw, Radishes and all the rest …$5

Chorizo – One of the best kept secrets in the East Village.
Spicy & Juicy …$4

Quinoa Pilaf – The grain of the future made with coriander
& red pepper. For the vegetarians …$4

Freshly-Slayed Dragon Tacos – Slow roasted pork
with garlic & herbs …$5

Umami Taco – Our Thai Taco. Slow-roasted Pork with Tamarind,
Coriander seed, 5 spice powder, garlic and topped w/ pickled
cucumbers, onions, spicy peanuts and cilantro ...$5

All Tacos are on top of a Blue Corn Tortilla with spiced black beans, monterey jack cheese, our secret homemade salsa,
a zig-zag of all natural sour cream, fresh cilantro & a lime.

*If you want structure feel free to order 2 tortillas. No extra charge.
The Best things in life are messy!


Nacharitos – In the mood for something crispy?
An open-faced yellow corn tostada topped with our black beans,
cheese, homemade salsa, sour cream, cilantro & a lime.
Vegetarian …$4,
With any meat …$6

Snackadactyl – Chef’s special. Slayed dragon nacharito topped
with our famous chipotle coleslaw …$6

Johnny Boy – All of the yumminess of a Nacharito except that
it’s double-decker!
Vegetarian …$6,
With any meat …$8

Quack-n-Cheese – Our healthy Mexican twist on Mac-n-Cheese –
Quinoa Pilaf w/ yummy gooiness, salsa, etc. …$5


Fresh-squeezed Limeade …$3

Raspberry Seltzer (made with real raspberries!) …$3

Raspberry Limeade …$3

Dragon Fuel – a strong Bustelo coffee w/ our secret spiced
sweetened-condensed milk, Iced …$4

* Wine is served at our Orchard Street location.






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